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Intruduction of Timing Belt
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Endless timing belt is made of twist wire (high strength steel wire or Kevlar wire) and shaped by rolling continuously once. It has high tensile strength, great precision, good transmission stability, and abrasionproof.

The belt drive is a closed ring with a spacing of teeth from the inner surface of the tape (tape material: rubber or PU) and the corresponding pulley. Alveolar phase of a timing belt tooth and pulley transmission work engagement to transmit motion and power, thus it has the advantages of a gear drive, chain drive and belt drive. When belt drive, no slip, the speed ratio will be constant, smooth transmission, little noise, transmission range generally up to 1:10, the allowed line speeds is up to 40m / s. transmission efficiency is high, usually ranging from 98% -99%. Transfer power from a few watts to several hundred kilowatts. The compact also applies to multi-axis drive, tension, no lubrication, no pollution, thus it can work well in environment where not allow pollution, also in poor working conditions.

Timing belt is widely used in automotive, tobacco, textile, printing, glass, chemicals, light industry, metallurgy, instrumentation, mining, oil, machine tools, SMT, computer printing, food packaging machinery and equipment on the gear.



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